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Donor Profile: Amanda & Maisie's Story

Maisie was born 8 weeks prematurely, at 3lbs 11oz, and required hospitalization at two of Calgary’s fantastic Neonatal Intensive Care Units. As a result of Covid, I was not allowed to feed my daughter for the first days of her life. During that time, she received donor milk from NorthernStar Milk Bank - a gift that I will forever be grateful for. I remember her first feeding was .2ml, dropped into her tiny lips. Through weeks and weeks of work, she was able to learn how to breastfeed. In the months after Maisie was born, I was fortunate enough to produce more than my little girl needed. Today, I got to pay forward to other NICU moms the gift I received. These bags of frozen milk represent many bedside hours in the NICU and middle of the night wake-ups while she was in hospital. NorthernStar & Donors, Thank you for all that you do!

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