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Donor Profile: Liam's Story

From Liam's mom, Chelsea:

Breastfeeding and milk supply was a huge struggle for us. I had to be induced due to pre-eclampsia and ended up needing an unplanned c-section.

It took a lot of work and many tears until my milk came in. I continued power pumping in fear that I would loose supply or not able to keep up with my son.

Within a couple weeks later I noticed our freezer filling up with bags of breastmilk. I've always wanted to be able to donate breast milk. I just didn't think it would be in the cards for me this time.

Fast forward to now. Liam is 3 months old. We did our first drop off of around 5.5 L !!

I'm so happy this program exists!

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1 Comment

Emily Liz Helgersen
Emily Liz Helgersen
Oct 19, 2023

Did you name your son after the actor Liam Neeson?

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