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Donor Story: Kayla & Oaklen

Second-time NorthernStar Milk Donor Kayla came with baby Oaklen for a tour of the milk bank, and sent us a note afterward that we just had to share. Oaklen spent some time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) when he was born, but at over eight pounds, he was much bigger than most of the babies we are used to seeing in the NICU.

From Kayla:

"Thank you for allowing our family to be able to donate and be a part of such a great service and community that is the NorthernStar Mother’s Milk Bank. With our last “surprise” baby we tried to enjoy all the things even a little more. This time around we were able to breastfeed and pump a stash longer than our other two babies, giving us even more time to spend together. We have JUST now run out of our own stash over and above what I was able to donate to the milk bank.

At my last drop off it was really nice for Oaklen and I to have a tour of the facility and to better understand and see the process of pasteurizing the milk as a whole. Your tribute wall and pictures of some of the babies that the milk has helped grow was very inspiring. All of their stories really hit home on a mother's heart.

Oaklen spent five days in the NICU which was a completely new experience for us as our other two babies did not require any time in the NICU. Our time there confirmed that we wanted to be able to donate again for a second and final round of breastfeeding. The nurses and families that feed the NICU babes the milk are so grateful to be able to provide the babies with the best possible nutrients that they can.

The services you provide are so important and so helpful to many and we will be forever thankful to have been able to be a part of all that you do. We have been sharing the word about the NorthernStar Mothers Milk bank to anyone and everyone that we know, including to the Roots of Empathy program, which we were also able to be a part of this time around also, and many pre and postnatal caregivers."

Thank you for sharing your story and your gorgeous photos, Kayla!

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