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We are thankful for the generous donation of our volunteers’ time. Thanks to these volunteers we keep our milk costs as low as possible as well as keep our day-to-day operations running smoothly! Our volunteers are involved in numerous activities.

If you are interested in volunteering from your home or in our office please contact us.

Ambassador Program

Our NorthernStar Ambassadors are our voice in the community. They are donor mothers, recipient mothers, nurses and volunteers who help us share our story in the community. They have first-hand experience and knowledge of the life-changing benefits of donating human donor milk and volunteer their time in our community to help recruit new breastfeeding mothers.


You can join our team! Our ambassadors:


  • Distribute posters and brochures to the places – and people – where they live, play and work. Doctor’s offices, yoga studios, gyms, play places, coffee shops, libraries, etc.

  • Volunteer time at booths, mom and tot shows and other community events

  • Participate in videos or articles about the milk bank or milk banking


Here’s the best part: your commitment is up to you. All we ask is the ambassadors:


  • Are able to distribute 5 posters and 10 brochures total over a 3-month period

  • Remain on our “quick list” so we can email volunteer opportunities (again, you are under no obligation to say yes to every one)

  • Refer any screening questions back to the milk bank


To volunteer to be an ambassador please send us an email at

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