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Donor Profile: Cassandra's Story

Cassandra was a second-time donor the last time she donated - but she's actually had three babies, as her last pregnancy was with twins! Read her wonderful full-circle story in her own words:

"My story with NorthernStar started when I donated after having my own child in 2015. Fast forward to 2022 and I gave birth to two sweet little girls, for another family, as a surrogate. It was such a special experience, and I had decided I wanted to pump milk for them.

Unfortunately, they both had a dairy intolerance and had to use a special formula. Though I had hoped I would have excess milk to donate to the milk bank if the babies didn't need all of what I produced, I didn't anticipate pumping full time with no babies to provide the milk to. I am so thankful I had somewhere I knew could make good use of my milk, so after around a month of full time pumping I was able to donate approx. 13 litres of milk!

And funnily enough, when the twins were first born (a bit prematurely) they were given milk from the milk bank while in the NICU, before my milk had fully come in (and before we knew they had an intolerance). A very full circle moment. Thanks to NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank for all you do!"

Thank you for your incredible gift of milk Cassandra, we appreciate all the work and love that went into every drop. Stories of donor milk from babies who received it, and the full-circle effect, are just amazing!

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