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Donor Profile: Kayla and Brooke, Gemma, & Scarlett's Story

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Mom of triplets 👶👶👶 & NorthernStar milk donor Kayla:

“Our family was blessed with the birth of our set of identical triplets in May 2021. Our babies benefited from donor milk for several days until my own milk came in. If required, this service of donor milk would have been available to us for the entire month that our preemie babies were admitted to the NICU to help them continue to grow and thrive - and for that we are very thankful.

Access to breastmilk for preemie and medically fragile babies is incredibly important. That’s why I am incredibly proud to be able to be a registered donor with NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank to give back. I have been able to enjoy the incredible experience of breastfeeding my triplets - while collecting an excess to share.

Collecting a few ounces a day led up to us making our first donation of 7.4L in March 2022. Thank you to NorthernStar Mother’s Milk Bank (& donor mothers) for your amazing service to babies all across Canada.”

Thank you Kayla for your wonderful contribution of life-saving milk to babies in need! We are so appreciative of you and Brooke, Gemma, & Scarlett sharing your story.

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