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Donor Profile: Mary's story

"Many of the women in many family struggled with breastfeeding for various reasons. So when I was pregnant with my first son I was mentally preparing for many struggles that I would be faced with during my breastfeeding journey. My mother had told me numerous times that I will not have good and/or much milk for my baby because I was overweight (This is a myth. You can very much still breastfeed if you are overweight).

In the first few weeks of my son's life we did face many struggles when it came to breastfeeding and there were many times that I thought of quitting, but I read a quote about never quitting on a bad day. The next day was always better. By three months it was easy for both of us and I continued to breastfeed until he was just over a year when I found out I was pregnant with my second son. I had heard about NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank from a friend who had donated milk herself and gave me a little information about the organization. Because I was able to have a successful breastfeeding journey my first time around I knew I would work as hard as I needed to to do it again. And because I overcame all the obstacles that I was told I wouldn't be able to, I wanted to do even more this time. That was when I decided I would pump extra milk to donate to the babies in need and became a donor for NorthernStar."

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