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Donor Profile: Rachel's story

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

My last baby spent two weeks in the NICU after birth. He was fed with IV nutrition the first few days, then a feeding tube till he was able to attempt feeds by mouth. I faithfully pumped around the clock and was blessed with an abundant supply.

I remember a day when the mom of his tiny neighbor, a 28 week old micro preemie came in so excited that she had pumped 40 mls overnight. I looked at my bag of more than 10 times that I had brought in from pumping overnight while we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. I wished so badly I could share with this other mom as we were maxing our our freezer space both in the NICU and at RMH.

Boston was finally able to come home at two weeks old. We bought the largest cooler we could find to take all the frozen breastmilk home with us. I was so excited to have a nice stash in my freezer. Fast forward a few months, and after discussing with our Pediatrician, we decided I needed to go off dairy as baby wasn’t tolerating it. I was so sad to open my freezer to all that breastmilk my baby could no longer use. I finally contacted the NICU to see about donating, which led me to NorthernStar. We were approved and so grateful to be able to share with those tiny babies what we couldn’t use anymore.

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