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Donor Profile: Halle's Story

From Mom, Michaela: "Our milk donation journey started when I was breastfeeding my newborn second child [our eldest son] & giving my 1 year old daughter the excess breastmilk in a cup - I was aware I was an excessive producer.

I was inspired by my sister-in-law telling me about the Medicine Hat milk drop off, so as my toddler happily transitioned to normal milk, I donated that excess. When I had our third & fourth children [2 more sons], I again donated each time, so when our fifth [a daughter] was born I knew the routine well! I've never owned a pump, so hand expression has been an amazing personal skill to master - for emergencies, convenience, or addressing plugged milk ducts. I also love how it's helped my body go through engorgement more smoothly, have an 'extra-feed' available daily for when my babies start to hit those growth spurts, & educate my young kids about how breastmilk works!

We know a number of preemie babies that have utilized donated milk & it truly is a miraculous gift of health for them that their moms are ever grateful for! We are blessed so we can bless others. I'll have totaled over 175L donated when it's all said & done - every drop & minute is worth it when you see how fragile preemies can transform into tumbling toddlers! If you're able - do!

Love, Micky, Blakely, Wacey, Kasen, Cash, & Halle"

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