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Donor Profile: Katelyn's Story

"We were very lucky to have a healthy baby girl in May 2020 and I was fortunate to have a great milk supply so I started collecting and donating right away. Unfortunately, due to an issue with my local drop site my first donation of 250 oz was melted and unusable. I was devastated, but was determined to continue pumping to make up for it. The milk bank was very empathetic and understanding of how discouraging that situation was and supported me to continue donating.

With the pandemic I wasn’t going out much so was able to continue to pump until my baby was about 7 months old and I reached my goal of 1000 oz donated. I found out about the Northernstar Milk Bank through friends on social media who shared their donations so I decided to share my journey on social media as well. By sharing my donation story I have reached many people who previously didn’t know about milk donating so I hope to inspire others to donate.

After reaching my donation goal of 1000 oz I then set out to fundraise to match my donation to dollars. My friends and family were incredibly supportive of my milk donating journey and I exceeded my goal and raised over $1200!

I had an amazing experience donating milk and was so thankful I was able to do it. This was something I could easily do and helped give fragile babies the best and healthiest start.”

From Donor Mom Katelyn

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