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Happy Father's Day

Meet Edafe Edivri (Dad) and twins Edwin and Edric.

"Our family lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands and we visited my colleagues in Canada in mid February 2020 - Chantal (Edafe's wife) was 28 weeks pregnant. Chantal went into early labor and delivered our twin boys at the Foothills Hospital (Feb 17th 2020).

Days after we arrived in Canada, COVID became a global pandemic. Due to the COVID lock-down and the boys needing care in NICU, we could not travel back home (all flights were canceled) and our stay in Calgary was extended.

Chantal did not produce breast milk for several days after birth and the boys were given local-benefited milk from NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank (Thank you again!). Chantal was later extremely successful with breastfeeding the boys and became a milk donor to NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank. Chantal donated 17.4 L of milk to babies in need!

I usually did the daily trip to NICU for skin to skin with the boys, milk delivery and rounds, while mum look after big sister Lamie at home and expressed milk. Our family flew home (late May 2020) after the boys were discharged from NICU (early May 2020) and safe for them to make the long haul flight back to The Netherlands."

Happy Father's Day to Edafe and all the amazing dad's and father figures!

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1 commentaire

Oladele Gbayisomore
Oladele Gbayisomore
10 mai 2023

Edafe Edivri. Good to see you're doing good. Congratulations from this side.

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